A Day In Troy, Missouri: Cherry Street Edition

Hi, Alana here, from Sugar Grove Growers, your neighborhood specialty food store since 1979. There are two types of people in Troy. Those who grew up here as part of this community (true Trojans) and those that are still learning about the town (transplants). I wanted to write this article to tell you what I, as a transplant, have grown to love about Troy.

When you’re “of” a place you think you know everything about it. When you’re “new” to a place, you don’t even know where to begin looking for the things you like. I’m here to help expand the known horizons of those that are born and raised here and show newer residents what Troy really has to offer (It’s a lot!).

Before I met my husband, a farmer in Troy, my experiences here were limited to when, as a child, I spent summers on my aunt’s farm and my family picked up fried chicken at Walmart on our way there. I loved getting out of the O’Fallon, MO suburbs to spend time on the farm, but Troy itself wasn’t that exciting.  

That was all I really knew about Troy, Missouri. I thought Troy was a town with a bunch of corporate chain businesses and farm ground. Which, if you stay on the beaten path, is kind of true. I challenge you to veer off Highway 47 and look around! I did, and now I almost never have to leave Troy for anything and have found places where I truly want to spend my time. 

Here is what I choose to do on a Saturday. Try it!         

Start the day with a hike or stroll at Cuivre River State Park. Two of my favorite, easy-to-hike trails are the Hamilton Hollow and Blazing Star trails. Both can be completed in under an hour. Finish your visit with a drive to the boat access, step out on the dock (provided by Bodine/Toyota), and take a serene look out over Lake Lincoln. Not a hiker? No problem. Simply take a drive through one of Missouri’s most rugged and beautiful state parks. 

Next, grab a coffee at either of our locally owned small-batch coffee shops, Roasted Bean or Cornerstone Coffee and Confections. Both have delicious specialty coffee drinks, snacks, and breakfast and lunch menu items. I would grab a snack there and save my appetite for later!

Now that you’re fueled up, explore the area South of Highway 47. Take a stroll on our Main Street to see the Historic Britton House. Discover the rich history of Troy at the historical marker at Woods Fort.  Stop into our real, old-time local hardware store, Hechler Hardware, opened in 1896. They have boutique gifts, too!

Then, spend the afternoon exploring Cherry Street to check out some of Troy’s local shops! Be sure to bring a cooler. You'll need it so that you can pack home some local flavors. Start in our historic downtown at Cherry and Main Streets.

(Stay tuned for our blog about Main Street.)

Shops on Cherry Street:

Brown’s Smokehouse Meats: There you will find premium cuts of meat and a diverse selection of rubs, blends, and sauces. Pick up some meat for your week ahead!

Robyn’s Attic: Robyn’s Attic specializes in previously owned unique treasures and housewares. Be sure to check out their front counter for geodes and vintage jewelry.

Troy Flower & Gift Shop: There you will find seasonal décor, houseplants, and of course beautiful floral arrangements. Bring along a vase or mason jar, as they always have a diverse selection of “pick your own” stems on display.

Troy Mercantile Outlet: This is a hardware store, gift shop, and seasonal décor destination all in one! You’re sure to find whatever you need for your next project or gift, and fun, on-trend items to spruce up your home for any season.

Troy Feed and Mercantile: Calling all birdwatchers! Troy Feed and Mercantile has an expansive collection of houses and feeders, both practical and decorative, to attract any bird to your dwelling. There you can also find pet supplies, lawn and garden supplies, and practical workwear for the outdoors.

Sugar Grove Growers: Sugar Grove has been serving the Troy area with specialty foods, locally grown flower and vegetable plants, houseplants, and produce since 1979. There you can find tasty snacks from chips to handmade chocolates and fresh-baked banana bread.  Shop their spice selection for dinner inspiration. They have also been dubbed “Lincoln County’s destination for everything local” including St. Louis pasta sauces and salad dressings, Amish jams, honey, and locally-crafted gift items. Be sure to make this a stop EVERY time you’re in town. You’ll always find something new with the changing of the seasons! Insider tip: The shop transforms to a winter wonderland candy shop beginning mid-November and full-on garden center in spring.

Take a break in between these shops for a meal, appetizer, or cocktail, or end your day with a trip to Chihuahua's Mexican Restaurant & Cantina or Taormina's Family Restaurant. Both have full bars, lunch, and dinner dining options.

This itinerary just scratched the surface of what you can do in Troy for the day!

Whether you’ve been here forever or are a transplant to Troy, you’re sure to find something to explore. I hope you grow to love Troy as much as I have! It is way more than farm fields and fried chicken!

- Alana Fravell, Sugar Grove Growers

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