The Birth of the Troy Running Club


I love being outdoors on the hottest humid days feeling my feet touch the ground. I always felt like I could go forever. Running is an obsession that began when I was in the Army right out of high school. Our community has a strong running community and awesome events to support running and walking enthusiasts of all kinds.

Running has been an outlet for me. I would see races come and go in our community. As time passed, I wanted to give back to the running community. A perfect opportunity came to mind. I used to compete in the Lincoln County Fair 5K in the late 1990s. I decided to bring back the run.  The event was successful with the help of many fellow running friends I have made over the years. 

Another opportunity came when I would attend the Veteran’s Day Ceremony at the courthouse and the event became non-existent. Once again, the running community came out strong and created a great event that has given back financially to the community. The money raised has gone to support children and adults in the community over the years. The comradery of our running community has grown and due to this, the Troy Running Club was created. 

The goal of the Troy Running Club is to encourage people to become more active and provide a supportive environment. The club wants to reach all ages and running levels. Not a runner? The Troy Running Club offers walking and running events up to two times a week along with the local runs that occur in the city. 

The Troy Running Club enjoys giving back to the community and provides support wherever it is needed. We hope to grow and continue to give back.

If you are interested in becoming active or have a running goal, or even need assistance with putting on a race, please reach out to us at our Facebook Page!

By David Norman

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